Olympics Impact Gymnastics Center’s Enrollment


(Via KOLR) The summer Olympics are in full swing in Rio De Janeiro. The United States women’s gymnastics team just won a gold medal. The excitement is impacting local gyms.
The owner of Dynamics Gymnastics said there’s a rise in her gym’s enrollment already.
“Kids are usually doing cartwheels and handstands and flipping in their living rooms as there watching it and they look to mom, even my five-year-old daughter said the same thing to me, I want to do that I want to be on TV,” said owner Erin Strobel.
She said it’s normal to see an increase in enrollment when school starts back up but with the Olympics going on there’s more of an increase than normal.
“It looks like so much fun maybe it’s just that reminder that oh yeah gymnastics is out there,” said Strobel.
Strength, flexibility, drive, teamwork, and determination. Strobel said the younger the better.
“When they’re young they’re more apt to try new things and less fearful. It just gives them that upper edge it’s more time,” Strobel said.
Nine-year-old Sammie Warfel started gymnastics more than four years ago.
“I really want to go to the Olympics and get the gold medal and stand on the podium,” said Sammie Warfel, Gymnast.
Watching the Olympics gymnastics fuels her fire.
“I’m like ‘I want to be up there and I want to win that gold medal like Simone Biles and Gabby Douglas and all those girls’,” Warfel said.
Strobel said it’s the same for many of her gymnasts.
“These kids in the gym day in and day out that is something new and refreshing and just helps renew their spirit and their drive to do better,” said Strobel.
Warfel practices 15 hours a week and said she won’t quit until she reaches her goal.
“Until I go to the Olympics and I win that gold medal,” said Warfel.
A goal both Warfel and her coach believe she is capable of.
“As long as they have the heart, the determination, drive to work hard they can achieve anything they want to in life,” said Strobel.
“I feel like if I believe in myself and I believe in my coaches then I can get there,” said Warfel.

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