NORTHWEST ARKANSAS (KNWA/KFTA) — If you’ve ever wondered how much your vote actually matters, now there is a way to measure that.

Common Ground Arkansas, a nonprofit, created an online tool for voters to see the impact of their vote in the primaries.

Senator Jim Hendren, an independent who’s not running for re-election, said he founded the organization for the people who don’t feel like they fit in either political party. Now, his team created a non-partisan online calculator to help you know where your voice will be heard the loudest.

The Personal Impact Calculator is divided by county and goes off a point system. Every race on a primary ballot is given one point. If a race only has candidates from one political party, it gets another point because the winner of that primary will ultimately be the winner come November.

In Arkansas, we have an open primary, meaning you can be registered in one party and still vote on the other party’s ballot in the primary. The calculator shows you which ballot to choose for your vote to make the biggest difference.

“You can still vote wherever you want to in November, but if you want to have an impact, and the most impact, you have to vote in May, because that’s when most of the decisions are made, and you should vote in the primary that you’re going to have the most impact on,” said Hendren.

For most counties in Arkansas, the calculator shows voting the Republican party’s ballot will give you the most say in the election. That’s because there are a number of races without a Democratic candidate, like in some county sheriff’s races.