FAYETTEVILLE, Ark. (KNWA/KFTA) — Every Soul Matters Ministries is building a space for its volunteers to cook while also making sure the food stays warm long enough.

The mobile kitchen trailer will be taken everywhere the ministry goes, and when it’s not in use, it will be at 240 West Main Street in Farmington behind its thrift store. 

The organization used a grant from Conagra Foods to help fund the kitchen trailer. 

Larry Holliman Jr. is a youth pastor and volunteer with every Soul Matters Ministries.

He says there are people all over Northwest Arkansas that need food and having a mobile kitchen would be a big help.

The mobile kitchen will allow volunteers to serve food no matter the weather.

“We can get the food served and get it to our people hot but outside on a really cold day, by the time we get it on the plate, we’re just serving them cold food,” said Bradley Clyne, founder and director of Every Soul Matters Ministries. “We can’t keep it warm long enough for them to get a hot plate at dinner. Well, this way we can.”

Clyne says its volunteers used to have to set up under trees to make the food. 

“It’s great, but it’s real hard on them and it’s hard on the people that we serve,” Clyne said.

He also says he wanted to make it easier for his people to do their volunteer work. 

This picture is of the mobile kitchen trailer in progress. Photo creds: Bradley Clyne

The mobile kitchen trailer isn’t the only trailer that the organization has. It also has a shower trailer and a mobile home with clothing and a haircut center for those in need.

“I saw this lady and this little girl. She had to be no more, maybe like four years old. She had like one shoe on a bandage and seeing these things,it really broke my heart,” Holliman said.

He says he is a father, so he understands the need of wanting to protect children and provide food. 

“Just to see the smile that she had, just getting something to eat, a fresh haircut, and so, it just kind of makes you just thankful,” Holliman said.

The mobile kitchen should be up and running for its Christmas dinner at Walker Park in Fayetteville on Dec. 16.

Food will be served at 11 a.m. and will run until everyone is fed. 

The kitchen will eventually run every third Saturday of every month and as needs arise in the community. 

Those who go for a meal do not need any proof of income to get help.

For those who want to help, they can send clothing donations or bring hams and turkeys to ESM’s thrift store. Volunteers will cook the hams and turkey on Christmas Day.