A major mishap for a fire breather and one meteorologist’s excitement overwhelms him.

Ice now covers a building in Philadelphia after it caught on fire early Monday morning. The upper floors were reportedly empty and slated for renovation, but neighbors had to be evacuated. One witness said it looked like the whole block was on fire.

A member of the group “Ink Illusionists” was putting on a show when something went wrong. It happened in Philadelphia Sunday at a tattoo arts convention and was caught on video. Flames shot down the man’s clothing, setting his shirt and the floor on fire. The fire-breather put out the flames on himself and said he was okay.

Weather Channel Meteorologist, Jim Cantore was covering the snow storm in Massachusetts Sunday when it began to ‘thundersnow’. While a somewhat rare occurrence, Cantore captured the phenomenon on camera more than once and didn’t hesitate to show his excitement.