Pains of Government Shutdown Felt


The government shutdown has reached the four-week mark and the economic consequences are affecting government workers, contractors and all of the businesses they would normally support.

The rippling economic effects are costing the economy billions of dollars and adding up daily.

Now the private sector is stepping in. PayPal’s CEO, for example, announced the company will give interest-free loans to government employees affected by the shutdown.

The fighting between democrats and the president continues.

President Donald Trump released this video on Twitter, digging in on his demands.

“Everything that we’re asking for, whether it’s the wall or barrier, whether it’s technology, whether it’s the drug detecting equipment this is what law enforcement wants,” Trump said.

Democrats say they want most of the things the president mentioned, including technology and drug detecting equipment. 

But they too are digging in and will not agree to fund a border wall.

There are no votes scheduled in Congress until after Monday’s Martin Luther King Jr. Day Holiday, and no word of negotiations to find a compromise.

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