FAYETTEVILLE, Ark. (KNWA/KFTA) – It’s been just more than a month and a half since Pea Ridge Police Officer Kevin Apple died after being struck by a car back on June 26th. 

His funeral was held a week later and since then the Pea Ridge Police Department has been trying to find a new sense of normality returning to the job.

Lt. Michael Lisenbee with the Pea Ridge Police Department said trying to find a new sense of normal in the office has been one of the toughest things he and his co-works have ever had to deal with, and in doing so they’ve experienced a range of emotion. 

“From anger to grief, to sadness, to depression, to anxiety. But the greatest part about that is everyone has banned together in their own unique way to get everyone through what they need to get through,” said Lt. Lisenbee. 

A battle they’re pushing through for the Pea Ridge community. 

“We know that the city is depending on us; our citizens rely upon us to make sure their safety and security is held to the highest level of performance that we can provide. I’m proud to say that each one of our officers has stepped up to the challenge,” said Lt. Lisenbee. 

Even though they’re pushing through, it doesn’t mean Officer Kevin Apple’s memory isn’t still at the front of their mind. 

“He was a good friend of mine, and my son was close with him as well. He was a good guy who always wanted to talk stuff to us and make us laugh; he was a good guy,” said Pea Ridge Police Officer Nicholas Green.  

But being able to push through the loss of a brother Lt. Lisenbee said shows the true colors of the Pea Ridge PD.

“It’s just been a true testament to the great amount of strength that our department has, it’s something that we’ve always known, but we’ve had to live it and see it in real-time,” said Lt. Lisenbee. 

Lt. Lisenbee said he would like to thank the Pea Ridge community and the surrounding communities for their overwhelming support in their time of need. 

He said it’s support he wishes it could repay in full, but also support responsible for carrying them through the darkest of times.