We are excited to be the only office Northwest Arkansas to offer the newest most advanced laser tattoo removal method the Pico Way. This laser uses an ultra fast delivery of concentrated high power energy that shatters the ink into tiny particles. Making it easier for the body to clear. The best part Pico Way is able to treat more ink colors with fewer treatments and proved recovery time. I recently decided to try myself and the question most people had did it hurt? The degree of discomfort varies with each person depending on the nature and location of the tattoo on the body. With this being said, I was pretty nervous. I thought it was going to be terrible but it was not nearly as bad as I expected. My tattoos are about the side of a quarter on my lower hip and a 50 cent piece around my belly button. I had two treatments with the Pico Way. Each session lasted about five to ten minutes. Overall it was a little more painful than getting a tattoo. When I originally got my tattoo it was more of a digging or abrasive feeling but the Pico felt similar to tiny shocks of a rubber band hitting the skin. At its worst I would rate the pain at a six. Care was easy I applied a think layer of polysporin, vaseline, or aquaphor to the site to keep it moist and I used iced when needed for comfort. The sites were swollen for about two days and had a bruised feeling for about a week. Overall treatment was a breeze. If you can handle having a tattoo put on your body than the removal shouldn’t be any different. If you are interested in seeing what the Pico Way laser can do for your tattoos schedule a complimentary consultation today.