FAYETTEVILLE, Ark. — Officials with the company OurPharma announced November 27 that they intend to begin work on a new $31.3 million facility in Fayetteville, which is expected to add around100 jobs to the area. 

Officials said the facility should develop lower-cost alternatives to generic drugs to battle the high cost of pharmaceuticals. 

Gov. Asa Hutchinson said the development of a new facility represented “exactly what we want to achieve as a state.” 

As the ceremony continued, several officials touted what the company could potentially bring to Fayetteville. 

 “It’s bringing jobs, it’s a $31 million investment,” Hutchinson said. “These are high-paying jobs, it’s about research and it’s about meeting the needs of consumers. You can’t get any better than that.”

Construction on the site, which will be nearly 15 acres in the Fayetteville commercial park, is expected to begin this winter, according to a press release from OurPharma. Congressman Steve Womack pointed out that the 100 or more jobs the complex will create is extremely positive, but that there may be added benefits to the cost of health care in the region.  

“Not a place I go, when I’m discussing healthcare, does the subject of the high cost of prescription drugs not come up,” Womack said.  

The generic compounding facility, beyond simply adding jobs, should do something to affect the cost of prescription drugs since the facility will place generic medication easily within reach of Arkansans. 

“We want to fill a great need for generic drugs locally, in the region, and nationally by starting with compounding, and then progressing into the manufacturing of generic pills, tablets and capsules,” said Dr. Peter Kohler, CEO of OurPharma. “Our goals are to be a major generic drug company over the next decade and to provide affordable and much needed medications to the patients.”

As well as impacting the cost of medications for Arkansans, Hutchinson said the facility was a perfect fit for the area, as it may entice recent college graduates to remain in NWA, where high-skilled employment opportunities continue to multiply as more advanced industry moves to the area.

“These high tech jobs are very important to us,” Hutchinson said. “And it’s a perfect fit for Fayetteville with the connection to the University of Arkansas.”