FAYETTEVILLE, Ark. (KNWA/KFTA) — Kids under five could soon be eligible for a Covid-19 vaccine. The Biden Administration announced Thursday they expect a final decision on emergency-use approval for the Moderna and Pfizer vaccines by June 21. An FDA panel is set to meet to discuss the possibility June 14-15.

Pharmacist Julie Stewart, with Medical Arts Pharmacy, said she expects pushback from parents when it comes to getting their young kids vaccinated, but is hopeful after seeing parents of older kids decide to give their kid the shot.

“We’re here to address that hesitancy. We do feel like the vaccine is very safe,” said Stewart.

According to Stewart, the children’s dose is significantly lower than that for adults and older kids. She said based on children approved for the vaccine in the 5 to 11 age group, she doesn’t expect any severe side effects.

“What we’ve seen from that age group is just you know, sore arm, some mild fatigue and headaches,” said Stewart. “Maybe feeling a little bit, just kind of down the next day, but for the most part, we haven’t seen a whole lot of anything different.”

Joe Rocko is a dad in Northwest Arkansas. He has a two and five-year-old. If the vaccine is approved, he wants to make sure it’s the best choice for his kids.

“I think that’s definitely a conversation we’ll probably have with our doctor. We go into their yearly checkups in July,” said Rocko. “It’s one of those things just wanna make sure they’re safe.”

If the vaccine for young kids is approved, Stewart said some local pharmacies may not carry the shots for kids age 6 months to five-years-old. Families may need to take their children to a pediatrician.

Pfizer has requested that the FDA authorize emergency use of its Covid-19, three-dose vaccine for kids age 6 months to four-years-old. Moderna requested the same for its two-dose shots for kids 6 months to five-years-old.