Susan G. Komen Ozark honored local fundraising efforts Wednesday and announced a shake up to the annual Race for the Cure. We feature the group’s 21st Annual Pink Ribbon Luncheon in this month’s Pink Courage. 

“We kind of go through the gamut of emotions at this luncheon all in an hour and a half,” said Lauren Marquette, Executive Director of Susan G. Komen Ozark.  

The luncheon began with a bright and cheery celebration of Susan G. Komen Ozark’s fundraising efforts, featuring this year’s Big Wigs.

“The Big Wigs are amazing. Twelve people raised over $96,000 dollars in six and a half weeks. I mean that’s just incredible,” said Marquette.  

The Pink Ribbon luncheon also showcased survivors in a fashion show, honored breast cancer awareness supporters, and highlighted progress in research and early detection.

“Women just need to know to be aware of what’s going on with their bodies, they need to do their mammograms as directed and we recommend them as soon as age 40,” said Dr. Danna Grear, Breast Center of Northwest Arkansas radiologist.

The event took an emotional turn when those currently fighting for their lives and survivors lit candles in solidarity. 

“41,000 women will lose their lives this year alone in the united states to breast cancer which makes it almost about 100 women in our service area,” said Marquette.  

That’s why advocacy and fundraising is so critical for Komen Ozark.

To push their mission forward,  a shake up is coming to the annual Race for The Cure. The event will be renamed to the More Than Pink Walk and will no longer be a timed raced. 

“It’s all going to focus on our survivors and the work that we have done and what we still need to do to make sure we have more survivors,” said Marquette.  

“Komen has been around so long that  people think ‘Oh, they have so much money.’ But every year we give away all of our money. I’m on the board also and we give away all of our money every year and start over again,” said Dr. Grear. 

The More Than Pink Walk is set for April 27 , 2019. Registration will begin in about a week.
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