KANSAS CITY, Kan. (KNWA/KFTA) — Planned Parenthood responds on September 13 to South Carolina Sen. Lindsey Graham’s introduction of a bill that would ban abortions nationally after 15 weeks of pregnancy.

The bill comes three months after the Supreme Court overturned Roe v. Wade’s constitutional right to an abortion, and marks the most serious effort by Republicans in Congress to pass a nationwide abortion restriction.

The legislation includes exceptions for incest, rape and for saving the life of the mother if she is in danger from a physical condition. It also includes a potential five-year jail sentence for any provider who violates the ban.

In response, Planned Parenthood Great Plains released a statement saying the proposed ban underscores the stakes for Kansas in the November election, saying it goes against the will of the state’s people who voted to reject the legislature that would give it the authority to ban abortion.

A national abortion ban would be devastating for our region, where only one state — Kansas — still has access to abortion. It not only would put thousands of people’s health and lives at risk, but would go against the will of Kansas voters. Just last month, Kansas voters rejected an attempt to take away their right to abortion. Kansans know that what happens at the ballot box matters, and they’re not going to let anti-abortion politicians get away without a fight in November. Planned Parenthood Great Plains Votes PAC and our supporters are bringing the same energy to elect leaders who will push back on abortion bans at all levels, from the U.S. Capitol to the state house. That includes re-electing Gov. Laura Kelley, who has been a bulwark against the legislature’s continued attacks on our right to decide what is best for our own bodies, lives, and futures.

Kourtney Vincent-Woodbury, Planned Parenthood Great Plains Votes PAC