Fayetteville Police say they responded to a road rage attack where bystanders saved a man from being choked after road rage caused two cars to collide.
Police say 34-year-old Joseph Norton of Farmington hit a car he was attempting to pass, and when he got angry, he cut off the car, hitting the front of it. Then, police say Norton stopped at an angle on S. Shiloh Dr. cutting off all traffic.
They say he got out of the car, opened the other driver’s door, and began to attack the driver.
Documents show Norton strangles the victim and “made ‘growling noises’” while doing so. They continue that the victim was leaned completely over into the passenger side in attempts to get away when bystanders helped the victim and stopped Norton.
Police say they then arrested Norton and photographed his injuries. He was booked in the Washington County Jail on Friday, April 29 on charges of: aggravated assault including strangulation and reckless driving.