Every Tuesday, the Arkansas State Police explain an Arkansas law.

On Tuesday, ASP explained what fleeing is and what to do if you are not comfortable in the location you are getting pulled over at or if you don’t believe it is a real cop pulling you over.

Police explained that if you see blue lights and aren’t comfortable pulling over, you need to follow these instructions:

First, police said if you are not comfortable pulling over in that location or are not sure it is an actual officer, immediately slow down and turn on your hazard lights. Police said that will let the officer know you see them. Next, police said to move to the farthest right lane and continue to drive to a location where you feel same. Police said under a street light, a gas station, and exit ramp or side road are examples of where to stop. Police said if you think the vehicle pulling you over is not a real police officer, call 911.

Arkansas State Police said if these instructions are followed, you will not be charged with fleeing.