Police Officers are Victims of Battery at Decatur House Party

Three local college aged kids are facing battery charges after officers were attacked Saturday night while responding to a noise complaint.
Decatur police officers did more than just arrest the three men though.
People I spoke with say it’s unsettling to hear about the incident that police are calling a “blatant disrespect to the uniform”.
Kyle peak family friend of neighbor 
“I heard cops were getting kicked off the porch and stuff, yeah I heard somebody got beat up,”  said Kyle Peak a family friend of a neighbor nearby.
It’s Monday and everything is  pretty quiet at the Decatur home where the party took place,but it was a different story on Saturday night.
Around 2 am this  home on Meadowbrook Court was packed with partiers.
When police arrived—they say they were anything but welcome.
“It’s a terrible situation, I cant believe they acted like that, but I figure you have juveniles you know 1:30-2:00 in the morning. Alcohol involved and none of them over age I figure you’re going to have problems,” said Chief Terry Luker wit the Decatur PD.
The decatur police department says when officers arrived, one was attacked by a party goer with a stick and the other officer tried to fight off the teens.
20 year old Austin Rife, and Mario and Victor Urquidi, both 19 years old, were taken into custody on battery charges.
Rife rents the home and lives there with his girlfriend and a child.
“I’m very shocked, I was asleep so I didn’t hear nothing, so it wasn’t that loud, and all three of them are really good guys,” said Nicole Moore, the girlfriend of Austin Rife.
But some say they have a party almost every weekend.
“My friend that lives here says that they’ve thrown beer bottles at them before and fights actually have taken place outside their driveway… They get pretty wild sometimes,” said Peak.
And while some neighbors say this comes as no surprise… others are shocked by what they have heard.
“To me he’s still a polite young man, he offered and apologized and I accepted it,” said neighbor Vern Strang
In addition to the three arrests 15 teens were cited for under age drinking.
As for the police, chief Luker says they are looking to add another officer when responding to noise complaints in the future.

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