From checking for unlocked doors to smashing windows to get in, criminals will try it all to burglarize your car.

“They are going to prey on us when we’re at our most vulnerable and that’s usually at the parking lots,” says Gene Page, with the Bentonville Police Department, 

Car breaking and entering is the number one crime in Northwest Arkansas.

“There are so many parks, so many trails, where’s a cop when you need one? We can’t be everywhere at once so we have to get more creative,” says Page.

That’s where the Solar Cam 360 comes into play.

“This is a great tool that we picked up late last year. We had to get extra eyes on the trails and some of the parks,” says Page.

The three-camera system is solar powered and can be moved to any spot in the city where Bentonville police believe criminals are active. Officers can keep an eye on the camera footage in their patrol unit, phones, and iPads.

“The officers on duty can go straight in or adjust depending on what camera angle they want and highlight those areas that they want to see, zoom, zoom out, make sure we’re keeping the parking lot within visibility,” says Page. 

The solar camera unit is a way police can prevent crime and let the bad guys know they are being watched, but it will also serves another purpose that can be lifesaving.

“Another thing we have in Northwest Arkansas is a lot of outdoors concerts, events, races, things like that. With the weather changing we want to have something set up and this also gives us a P.A. system so we can talk to a large group of people, make the announcement, we need to seek shelter, or there’s a storm coming and evacuate the area quickly,” says Page.

The $12,000 investment provides 24-hour surveillance so you can enjoy the outdoors without becoming a victim.

“Parks are gonna get more busy so we have to get creative and find new way to keep you and your family safe,” says Page.

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