Police Urge Caution When Driving in Winter Weather


The freezing temperatures over the weekend caused multiple wrecks in the Fayetteville area.

On Saturday, Fayetteville police reported seven different accidents due to the winter weather.

As of Monday, slick spots were still on the road.

Fayetteville Poice Sgt. Tony Murphy said, “You could be on a long stretch of highway where there was no ice and then all of a sudden come up on that one little patch.  You’re going too fast so you panic, hit your brakes and then your vehicle starts to skid.”

Murphy’s theory turned into a reality for drivers battling the ice this weekend.

Ramsey Minto, who lost control on black ice, said, “They just kept saying luckily you weren’t going any faster, luckily there weren’t any cars. You know, I got off easy when it could have been so much worse.”

Minto hit black ice, lost control of her car, and slammed into a curb during the freezing weekend temperatures. She wasn’t the only one.

She said, “Just sittting there within 45 minutes, three other people hit it, lost control, but they all drove away. Lucky for them.”

Sgt. Murphy reports winter weather results in a higher rate of accidents when there’s a lower number of cars on the road. 

Most people know the tips to winterize their car for the cold temperatures, but what do you do when you’ve already lost control on the road?

“Don’t stomp on your brakes when your hitting ice and turn into the skid,” Murphy said.

If you turn away from the skid, you are going to cause a problem for you and the cars around you.

Minto said, “People aren’t expecting it to get icy. It rarely ever does. But, that’s why it’s so important for people to know how to handle it.”

A great resource people can use before getting on the roads is the Arkansas Department of Transportation’s Winter Weather map, it will show you exacty where you should avoid driving in icy conditions.

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