It’s a warning parents have heard for years, keep an eye on your child’s Halloween candy. This year police say there’s a new trend to be on the look-out for and it could trick you, too. It’s something that looks like candy. That now has police and parents concerned. 
A picture put out by a police department is Mississippi is going viral, new shapes of ecstasy masked to look like candy. It comes with a warning that if a child were to overdose, the consequences can be scary. 
“It can give them profound dehydration, nausea, vomiting,” said Dr. Michele Petrucelli, Emergency Physician.
Dr. Petrucelli has worked her fair share of Halloweens and she says this picture has her more concerned about partiers than trick or treaters. 
“Maybe they’re going to a group party and there’s a bowl of something that appears to be candy someone reaches in somebody else thinks its funny to put one or two pills in there and that can really be a problem,” said Dr. Petrucelli.
Police say tell your children to be cautious when it comes to their candy, and if kids come home with something unfamiliar, your best bet is to throw it out. 
Just one of those candy pills would cost about $10. So while it’s rare that it would pop up in your child’s trick or treat bag, but police do want you to be aware.