FAYETTEVILLE, Ark. — A Springdale woman arrested in a drug investigation had methamphetamine hidden in her private parts, police say. 

On Tuesday evening police stopped a vehicle in Springdale that was thought to have been involved in a drug deal. 

They found the driver, Nemrak Borrero-Santana, 22, was driving on a suspended license. 

The Springdale Police Department said Borrero-Santana had an extensive drug arrest history. Officers asked to search her purse, and she gave them permission. Inside, police said they found small plastic baggies and a syringe with meth residue. 

Borrero-Santana was arrested, and at the jail, she was given a strip search. During the search, police said an officer saw a twisted plastic bag in the suspect’s private parts. She refused to pull it out, so the search was stopped. 

While officers sought a search warrant to remove the bag, Borrero-Santana was taken to a nearby hospital. A search warrant was granted, and an emergency room doctor removed the bag. Police said it contained 15 individual bags of meth. In total, they weighed more than six grams. 

The suspect was taken back to the Washington County Detention Center and faces multiple drug charges.