Popular swimming hole closes in Alma


ALMA, Ark. (KNWA) — After several complaints at a popular swimming and fishing hole in Alma, the landowner marks the area as private property.

The Crawford County swimming hole located on Highway 282 in Alma is no longer opened to the public, following the owner’s decision to make the land private property after numerous complaints of trash and other things.

Although it is understandable for some why the owner decided to close the bridge, it doesn’t take away the sting they feel.

“We see it as this sacred place and we go down there and there is broken beer bottles, there is clothing, there is trash,” Alma resident Kendra Landfair said.

A sacred place for Landfair, and her best friend, RenΓ©e Combs.

Combs son, Skylar Combs, 19, of Alma was found dead after he had been swept away Monday, May 11, 2015, in floodwaters at the swimming hole.

“That place means more than just a swimming hole for us because that was the last place that he was at,” Combs said.

She said her son was full of love, compassion, and befriended everyone he met.

“He just had this smile and it was so sweet,” she said.

The low water bridge also means more than just a swimming hole to Alma resident, Kimberly Whitlock.

Whitlock lost her brother, Scott, on Christmas Eve in 2015.

Last year, she spread his ashes at the low water bridge.

Whitlock said it saddens her to know she will no longer be able to visit the spot where the ashes are, but like Combs, she understands why the landowner decided to close the place down.

“I totally understand and everything because all it takes is just one to mess it up for everyone else,” Combs said.

The low water bridge is a place Combs, Landfair, and Whitlock all hold close.

“That place has become like a sacred place to just go and remember Skylar,” Landfair said.

“It’s overwhelming to go to his grave so for me to be able to go down to the creek, that is where my connection is,” Combs said.

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