Presumptive Presidential Nominees Cause Voter Abstention

As we near the national conventions… many voters are expressing concern over both potential candidates.
In fact, some say they’re skipping the November election altogether.
We’ve all seen it, posts on social media saying that, that person doesn’t plan to vote because they cant seem to pick a side.
Some proclaiming Trump is a racist and Hillary a criminal.
“All you have to do is open up Facebook to see negative rants towards either Candidate A or Candidate B, but in my experience, that a rant on Facebook hardly ever translates to activism on the street,” said Jack Avery, former state chair of the Arkansas young Republicans.
Avery thinks social media soap boxes won’t affect voter turn out.
“In march we nearly doubled the amount of voters in 2016 than we did in 2012′ so based off of that one could assume that there’s going to be a considerable voter turn out in November for the election,” said Avery.
But what about people who just don’t want to vote for either presidential candidate?
Tyler Clark of the Washington county Democrats believes voting *locally* is just as important as a presidential vote.
“I think it hurts people generally negatively if they don’t complete the ballot, if they don’t vote, because essentially those are people that make decisions where those people live,” said Clark.
Its something Avery agrees with. 
“So political activists, if you’re not a supporter of who’s on the top of your ticket, find somebody that’s further down ballot, state house, state senate, county judge, and start advocating for those candidates,” said Avery
“People have died and have fought for the right to vote, so don’t throw that away,” said Clark.
The Washington County Election Commission says, there is no requirement to vote for every race or candidate on the ballot.
The commission says presidential elections are generally the least affected by abstention

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