FAYETTEVILLE, Ark. (KNWA/KFTA) — Voters casted their ballots for the primary runoff elections Tuesday.

Now the focus for candidates and county election commissions will turn to the November General Election. Washington County Election Director Jennifer Price said there will be a little break in July, but she’ll be back to prepping in August.

“We start the prep work over again prepping, making ballots, making sure we have enough poll workers,” Price said. “We anticipate for the general election we will still be very busy,” Price said.

Benton County Communications Director Melody Kwok said the county will have a big push for poll workers come November.

“We struggled this year during the primary to get bilingual poll workers,” Kwok said. “We really, really, really need more bilingual poll workers because we have a very diverse population in Benton County.”

Washington County saw a 3.8% voter turnout for the runoff. Price expects that number to be much bigger in November. Benton County saw a 7.69% voter turnout during the runoff.