As Komen Ozark counts down the days to its 2019 More Than Pink Walk on April 27, the group is highlighting its efforts to find a cure for breast cancer through highlighting its four pillars: research, care, community, and action.

Hearing the words ‘You have breast cancer’ will turn your world upside down.

Through Komen Funding, The Breast Center in Fayetteville is committed to fostering a sense of community for every woman who walks through the clinic’s doors. 

“It affects the women, the children, it affects the husbands, it affects the friends,” said Dr. Danna Grear, a radiologist at The Breast Center, “It’s not just throwing out a diagnosis and saying good luck.”

The Breast Center connects doctors, social workers and counselors with women as they fight for their lives.

“That’s one of the best things of my job; figuring out how to connect people with someone who can help them with the next stage,” said Dr. Grear.

Donations received by Komen Ozark make it possible for The Breast Center to not turn away women based on financial factors.

Funds, however,  are precious and events like Komen Ozark’s More Thank Pink Walk are critical in continuing to help women in Northwest Arkansas. 

“People think because Komen has been around for so many years, that they’re so established, that they have all this money. We spend every dollar that we get every year,” said Dr. Grear.

The Breast Center staff collaborates together to raise thousands of dollars every year for Komen Ozark by fundraising on Facebook, holding bake sales and garage sales.

“This year I have raised $3,800 just through small donations from my friends and family,” said Dr. Grear.

Dr. Grear encourages everyone to join the strong community of breast cancer awareness advocates ahead of the Komen Ozark More Than Pink Walk on April 27.

“It all pulls together to make people feel good about what they’re doing but not just feeling actually be doing good,” said Dr. Grear.

On April 25, we will highlight the last of the four Komen Ozark pillars: action.

To learn more about Komen Ozark’s More Than Pink Walk and to register for the event happening April 27, click here.