FAYETTEVILLE, Ark. (KNWA/KFTA) — The Black Heritage Preservation District won’t be created in Fayetteville, yet. In Tuesday’s city council meeting a proposal to preserve land for the district was tabled indefinitely.

According to the president and co-founder of the Northwest Black Heritage Association, this was intentional to be able to get more feedback from the community.

Council members voted 7-01 to indefinitely table the proposal. This comes after the speaker for the NWA Black Heritage Association brought a new proposal to the table. The new proposal will consider hearing more on what the public and city think, to make the land more welcoming.

The proposal was previously tabled in June and September.

Sharon Killian is the president and co-founder of the NWA Black Heritage Association. She says the plan was to keep proposing until it was right.

“We are opening up ourselves to many, many more opportunities for economic development for our people, for a vision and an achievement of generational wealth,” said Killian.