by Audrey Glidewell, Product Specialist

Hello and Welcome back to the Skin Solution Store located at Hull Dermatology & Aesthetics

We’ve made it through the Summer holidays which means for a few of us, we’ve soaked up maybe a little too much sun, had a few cocktails and maybe some not so good choices in food.

We have a couple more months to continue our summer fun so, if it hasn’t by now, your skin may be already telling you by now–it’s time to slow down! But how can your skin tell signs of too much of……….well, anything?

As you may or may not know the skin is the largest organ of the body, with a total area of about 20 square feet. Being the largest organ, it has 3 main functions:

The organ of protection, Regulation and Stimulation. So just think when we choose a poor diet, even temporarily, or enjoy too much sun, we’re damaging our skins 3 main functions! So how can we maintain great, healthy skin while still having a good time?–I mean we still have a few more months of summer-time weather so lets make it enjoyable while lookin’ good–

1.) SUNSCREEN– I cannot stress this enough!! Whether in-doors or outdoors, in direct sun or in the shade, once sunscreen is applied it naturally collaspes after only 2 hours! So re-application is key!

2.) HYDRATE– We all know sunbathing + cocktails = a good time!! Remember to take in a glass of water in between those “not so hydrating” beverages 😉

3.) MOISTURIZE–After sun exposure be sure you moisturize your skin. Attached to our hair follicles we have our sebaceous glands. These aptly named glands produce “sebum,” an oily substance that helps to protect, lubricate and nourish our skin, preventing it from drying out and causing premature aging. For those with clogged pores or oily skin types, there might be an overproduction of sebum, while those with dry skin types might have a lack of it.

Regardless of your skin type, moisturizing is an essential part of your head to toe daily routine.

So remember The Skin Solution at Hull Dermatology & Aesthetics for your skincare needs, where we are, your skincare solution