OKLAHOMA CITY (KFOR) — Personal information of sexual assault victims from rape kit investigations may have been leaked through a data breach involving a former contractor, according to the Oklahoma City Police Department.

In a statement to KFOR on Monday, the OKCPD said it had recently been made aware that DNA Solutions Inc., which had performed forensic testing for the department in the past, suffered a network security incident involving data from rape kit investigations.

“DNA Solutions Inc. determined that an unauthorized third party accessed their network and may have compromised certain sensitive personal and health related information from sexual assault kits sent to them for forensic testing,” OKCPD said in part in the emailed statement.

Officials with DNA Solutions said they became aware of the network security incident on Nov. 18 and took immediate steps to correct it.

They also confirmed that the compromised data did not include personally identifiable information.

“The data did not include social security numbers, driver’s license information, or financial information,” said DNA Solutions officials in a statement. “We have notified individuals or organizations whose data may have been impacted directly.”

DNA Solutions is providing 12 months of free credit monitoring and identity theft protection services to those who were impacted and is encouraging those who receive a letter to enroll.