Rapes Reported At University of Arkansas Increases

FAYETTEVILLE, Ark. -     The University of Arkansas has released it annual security report and statistics show the number of rapes reported to University Police has increased.

According to the University of Arkansas security report for 2017, there were nine reported rape cases.

In 2016, there were five, and in 2015 there were seven.

But captain Gary Crain with UAPD says these numbers aren't always correct. 

"This year we've have more people not report to us so it's hard to say even with a number of nine being known, there could be a lot that don't come to our attention at all," Capt. Crain said.  

Only four out of the nine reported were disclosed through police. 

In order to be counted at all, any community member must go to to file a sexual misconduct claim. 

"If the victim files a complaint we will investigate and then to make a decision to see if university policy was violated," Title IV Director for the University of Arkansas Tyler Farrar said. 

"We deal with any potential risk of sexual misconduct whether it be between two students or employees," Farrar said. 

Fraternities and sororities on campus hung sheets outside their homes to raise awareness for sexual assault prevention. 

Farrar adds it's a subject that may sit behind closed doors but there are victims behind these numbers. 

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