Rausch Coleman Offers Financial Help to Homeowners Affected by Shutdown


Federal employees are about to miss their second paycheck as the partial government shutdown enters its fifth week.

Because of the ongoing shutdown, some Northwest Arkansas families are struggling to make ends meet, so a Fayetteville home builder is helping its buyers who are impacted.

Rausch Coleman homes is offering government workers — who are not being paid as a result of the shutdown and live in one of its homes — a $300 gift card to be used to purchase food and household items.

“Three-hundred dollars you may think at first that that’s a significant amount of money, but you think about how much groceries cost for a family, and really you can go through $300 pretty quickly,” said Jeremy Stobaugh with Rausch Coleman Homes.

Qualified homeowners who want to redeem this gift card can send an email to rauschcolemancares@rauschcoleman.com with a proof of employment (a current federal ID or pay stub) and proof of residence (a current utility bill).

The gift cards are limited to one per household and will be available through the end of the shutdown. 

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