FAYETTEVILLE, Ark.(KNWA/KFTA) — Second home game of the season for the razorback hogs and they took home a win!

Razorback fans never disappoint when it comes to showing their support for their hogs especially when they take home a win.

John Brown says he is from Northwest Arkansas and refers to himself as a super fan when it comes to attending a Razorback game.

“I’ve been coming to the razorback games for about five to six years,” Brown said.

Brown says he always enjoys himself at the game and just loves the feeling of winning and just the football atmosphere in general.

Matthew Jivan another Razorback fan says he is gonna support the Hogs no matter what and has a feeling they’re going all the way this year.

“KJ is a dog and he’s gonna lead us to the championship this year,” Jivan said.

Jivan says he was never nervous about the roll coaster of a game it was because he believes in the Hogs.

“We got this and we knew Spencer Rattler couldn’t handle our defense,” Jivan said.

Most Razorback fans are not known to be quiet, so Jivan says he shows up and shows out at the game as much as he can.

“We just try and be as loud as we can and cheer on the boys,” Jivan said.

Next Saturday will be another home game for the Hogs where they will take on Missouri State.