FAYETTEVILLE, Ark. (KNWA/KFTA) — WOO PIG SOOIE! It was the chant of the day as Razorback fans came out Saturday afternoon to enjoy the Razorback spring football game.

“This has been a tradition for me since I was a little boy and it’s huge for some of the folks that can’t pay for every game too,” Gerald Bolstad said.

Gerald Bolstad a Razorback fan says a tradition is a tradition, whether off or on the field, as he passes on the Razorback fever through his bloodline.

“The kids wear Razorback and I even got them coming to the Razorback games with me,” Bolstad said.

Bolstad says it was refreshing to come to the game and see familiar and new faces on the Razorback field.

“We know that KJ and Rocket is bringing back and it’s like we got a new group of guys, especially in the wide receiver core and I think we saw it on display today on some of it and the talent is there,” Bolstad said.

Saturday’s red and white game also attracted Razorback fans all the way from Iowa.

“I had a Razorback T-shirt when I was a kid growing up in Iowa too so I love the mascot,” Jarrad Butz.

Jarrad Butz says Saturday was a great opportunity to get a little taste of how next year’s football season might go.

“I think they’ll be great, pass and defense looks really great, special teams looks really good, I saw the kicker kick like a 60-yard field goal during warmups so I think they look good,” Butz said.

However, Bolstad says he’s excited about next season and wants them to work hard but overall he wants them to have fun.

“I don’t want to put wins and losses on it, I just want to see the kids have fun work and show out I think the sky’s the limit if you do that,” Bolstad said.