FAYETTEVILLE, Ark.(KNWA/KFTA)– A tough loss for the Razorbacks today against Alabama, but hog fans say they will remain faithful to their team through thick and thin.

Jay Shepherd has been attending Razorback football games since 2007 with his son.

When the hogs win, it always makes the time more memorable for Shepherd and his family, but he enjoys the time watching football with them.

“We’ve had season tickets since 2007, Since McFadden was here,” Shepherd said.

Shepherd says after attending Razorback football games for years, he knows something is special about this year’s team.

“This is a different team and we finally have some good leadership and I think these guys are gonna get her done today,” Shepherd said.

Shepherd agrees today was a pretty tough game for the hogs but he wants them to know losses bring growth.

“We had a tough loss and I think this one to bounce back and show what they’re made of,” Shepherd said.