FAYETTEVILLE, Ark. (KNWA/KFTA) — Construction and road detours have taken over the Dickson Street entertainment district area.

Construction started Aug. 21 and is expected to end by the end of this week. 

Cyclists, runners, and walkers have to go around the construction to get to the other side of the Razorback Regional Greenway trail.

Active transportation manager for the city of Fayetteville Matt Mihalevich says the new trail will include new concrete, new lighting and an improved crosswalk.

We’re just really sprucing up this trail section through here and really improving the area,” Mihalevich said. 

The construction has caused some difficulties for some businesses like the Crown Beauty Bar.

Ruby Hoffman, assistant salon manager of the Crown Beauty Bar, says it’s been a challenge for clients to get to the salon.

“With the ongoing construction and road closures and everything along with back-to-school traffic, it’s causing some delays and being able to find parking and people being able to navigate and get to their appointments on time,” Hoffman said. 

Alexandra Porter uses the trail almost every day, and she’s ready for the construction to be over because it is difficult to detour with a baby.

“I’ve really appreciated a lot of it because the expansion has been nice. There’s been a lot smoother actual sidewalks. It’s a little inconvenient having to deal with the workers and the construction that’s going on, especially when you have a stroller that you’re pushing around,” Porter said. 

Darren Faria Dacunha says he moved here for the bike trails.

Even though people are dealing with the hassles of gravel and road-closed signs right now, he believes the end goal of this construction will benefit everyone.

“It encompasses everybody,” Dacunha says, “The walkers, the hikers, the dogs, the bikes. It’s the best, and we’re grateful for it.”

Mihalevich says they are working their way up north toward Dickson Street to create a new civic park as soon as the new parking deck on West Avenue is complete.