Recent Burglaries Call For Fort Smith Police and Pawn Shops to Work Together

The owner of Greer’s Pawn Shop in Fort Smith has seen it all — from IPADs to engagement rings.
But he’s also seen his fair share of stolen property and his partnership with police helps people recover their property.
“I don’t like to take in any stolen merchandise because I can’t profit off of any of that,” owner Aaron Frye said. “That is my business is to make money.”
A rise in burglaries in Fort Smith has led to a call for action. 
But the damage has already been done. 
Many times the criminal who steals valuable items will take the item to a local pawn shop.
Greer’s Pawn Shop has been known for returning stolen items to their rightful owner.
If they follow certain protocol, their missing item may be flagged before it is too late.
“If you have something that means something to you or it’s worth a lot of money and it has a certain serial number definitely put that somewhere safe, whether that be your notebook or iCloud,” Frye said. “Keep that number. It’s very important.”
The Fort Smith Police Department and local pawn shops share a collective database of missing items. 
They urge people to keep the serial numbers and boxes of high dollar items.
“As long as you can prove ownership, law enforcement can put a hold on that item,” Sergeant Daniel Grubbs, Fort Smith Police Department said. “There is a system that we have with our pawn shops.”
Fort Smith Police will hold a meeting tonight with certain neighborhoods who have been targeted to show the community the resources they have to reclaim their belongings and prevent it from happening again. 
“We have got to work together for this,” Sergeant Grubbs said. “We need your help. We are not going to go and invade your neighborhood and try to find the bad guy. We want to be partners with you in shaving some of those crimes and putting these bad guys out of business.”

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