Record Number of Travelers Fill Airports Across the Nation During Thanksgiving Week


According to a report done by Forbes, a record 30.6 million passengers are expected to fly this week for Thanksgiving.

At Northwest Arkansas Regional Airport all hands are on deck to prepare holiday travelers and welcome visitors to the natural state.

With the hustle and bustle of the season, airports see an increase in traffic.

Holiday travelers like Jocelyn Aleman, who departed from California this morning, are seeing the large crowds around the country

“It’s been very crowded so far. Very exciting and very busy,” said holiday traveler Jocelyn Aleman.

Added stress like traveling with children makes holiday travel even harder. 

“It’s more of a fuss for me because my patience is very low,” said Aleman.

Airport Director Kelly Johnson said a major worry for travelers is weather delays but she ensures that airlines are prepared to notify travelers of any changes.

“If there’s forecasted weather that’s going to stop or cancel flights they’ll preventively cancel them so travelers aren’t stranded at an our of state location,” said XNA Airport Director Kelly Johnson.

On the day of your departure Johnson said travelers should first and foremost check on weather throughout the country and get to the airport at least two hours early as many passengers this year may not be used to traveling.

“They’re going to take longer at the checkpoint even though you might not they’re going to take a little bit longer so give yourself plenty of time that’s the best thing you can bring to the airport,” said Johnson.

It is also important for travelers to be aware of what they can take on a flight. 

TSA said you can travel with presents or food for your family’s thanksgiving dinner but all carry-on items will be screened and some items may have to be thrown away.

Johnson says the busiest time for xna will be thursday through sunday as the regular flurry of business travels head out for work and others return home for the holidays.

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