FAYETTEVILLE, Ark. (KNWA/KFTA) — GuntherMotorCompany.com devised a ranking of the most expensive states for roadtrippers this summer based on five different factors, and Arkansas was named the priciest.

According to a press release, the metrics used for the study were the most popular car model in each state and the mileage per gallon (city/highway); the average cost of gas in each state as of June 2022; the average road trip distance in 2022, and finally, how many gallons of gas would be required for the road trip in total.

Overall, the average cost of a road trip for Americans was calculated at $94.28 in gas costs alone. Arkansas topped the list with an average of $122.23 in gas costs for a road trip this summer. This calculation was based on driving a Ford F-Series Pickup, the most popular car model in the state.

The top five most expensive states were:

  1. Arkansas: $122.23
  2.  Iowa: $116.64
  3. Utah: $116.12
  4. North Dakota: $113.78
  5. New Mexico: $113.42

An infographic showing the road trip costs for each state is available here.