Residents Say Quiet Countryside Neighborhood Ruined by Red Dirt Mine


Washington County residents say their neighborhood has changed forever after a red dirt mine was hauled in their backyards.

Owners of the Hillside Quarry, Heritage Farms, proposed a permit that would allow them to haul commercial red dirt in and out of the site.

That proposal was denied, but because of a permit issued by the Arkansas Department of Environmental Quality, Heritage Farms can continuing working.

Neighbors said their quiet countryside neighborhood will never be the same because of what is inside of that site. 

Harris lives a quarter of a mile away from the site, and because of construction, he said his way of life has gone with the wind. 

“Doc and I ride with the wife and I regularly up and down this road and just here with the addition of the “save the neighborhood” signs it’s enough to spook him,” said Harris

Although plans are halted, for now, Harris said he worries for what’s down the road.

“Dump truck, after dump truck, after dump truck, on an old dirt road,” said Harris.

“Our goal is to put cattle on it,” Heritage Farms Northwest Arkansas owner, Bobby Morris said. “As long as I own it there will be no explosions, no noise.”

Morris said despite what residents may think, he plans to smooth things over.

“With a paved road, I can’t enjoy the horseback rides, because you have increased traffic,” Harris said. “One positive would be quieter smoother ride home yes, but would I trade that for everything we have? No, not for anything.”

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