FORT SMITH, Ark.(KNWA/KFTA) — Several cities in our region experienced an outpour of rain that affected homes and roads.

Travis Cooper the Deputy Director for Sebastian County Emergency Management says his crews were up and running to tackle the rain.

“Our focus is that we’re well aware of the possibilities of flood prone areas that will occur and knowing those areas is very important to us,” Cooper said.

Cooper says the areas that often get hit the hardest when it comes to floodings is Fort Smith, Greenwood, and Lavaca.

“We have some low-lying areas even within city limits that just cause a lot of flooding and it overwhelms our culverts that are trying to push all that water through,” Cooper said.

Cooper says the culverts are doing their best to soak up all the water, but it can be difficult with they’re other factors involved.

“So much debris and so much rainfall at one time can cause flash flooding to go in and around homes even,” Cooper said.

The Evans family that lives in Lavaca woke up this morning and saw their house surrounded by water.

“It’s like this every time it rains, this is the worst it’s been though it hasn’t got this bad,” Sommer Evans said.

Sommer Evans says water stays for days in her yard and driveway when in weather conditions like this.

“It’s very dangerous because if I needed to get out it makes it hard because I have a smaller vehicle,” Evans said.

Evans said she’s been through a situation like this before and it’s hard to relive it.

“We went through a flood in Greenwood where we had to evacuate our house,” Evans said.

Cooper says in case of an emergency he advises the community to always be prepared in weather conditions like these.

“We encourage homeowners and those that are traveling into the area being prepared to always have a plan into place,” Cooper said.