FAYETTEVILLE, Ark. (KNWA/KFTA) — Road crews will be working 24/7 to treat the roads in Northwest Arkansas during the winter storm.

Throughout the region, roads are covered in sleet and are slick as of Monday night.

Bart Ledgerwood with the Washington County Road Department said the sleet and ice are much harder to tackle than last week’s snow.

“There’s no traction, so that’s why we went ahead and deployed the chips. So, in the bad areas when you’re hitting curbs and the bridges, you actually have something to bite to,” Ledgerwood said.

Ledgerwood said crews will be using deicer to help melt the ice on the roads. The road department got a new shipment of deicer Monday.

In Benton County, Communications Director Melody Kwok said it’s all hands on deck to treat the roads.

“Sand and salt are pretty much the only thing you can do to try and break it up. Our road graters can break up the ice on our dirt roads as well,” Kwok said.

Kwok and Ledgerwood are urging people to stay off the roads and be cautious if they do have to drive the next couple of days.

“Give yourself extra space in between people and if you do get stuck, please don’t get out of your vehicle,” Kwok said.