ROGERS, Ark. (KNWA/KFTA) — The Rogers City Council has voted on filling a vacant seat by redistricting the ward boundaries under the emergency clause. A seat for southeast Rogers will be open.

Rogers council members voted on filling Mark Kruger, of Ward 1, seat. He died earlier last month.

The seat was filled by Councilwoman Betsy Reithemeyer, of Ward 4, in a morning special meeting on Tuesday, May 16. The motion to appoint Reithemeyer passed without dissent.

Councilwoman Reithemeyer recused herself from the vote. Reithemeyer will be over Ward 1 and will have to give up her spot in Ward 4.

The position will open in Ward 4 as soon as Reithemeyer sends in a letter of resignation, which by law needs to be by May 23.

By noon on June 2, all potential candidates for Ward 4 must have submitted their applications for the June 13 session. The two-week time constraints seemed unfair to some council members, such as Mandy Brashear.

“I understand the statutes. I am very uncomfortable because in essence that is 10 days from the time we notify of the vacancy in Ward 4 until applications would have to be due,” Brashear said. “And given the change in the ward boundaries, I feel like that is not a long enough amount of time for people to become familiar with the ward boundaries, know if they’re eligible and express their interest. I feel like it’s too rushed.”

The only way to give Rogers residents more time is by having a special election, Hines said.

The City Council said they will work quickly and vet applications as soon as they can.

Two council members represent each of the city’s four wards.