ROGERS, Ark. (KNWA/KFTA) — The Rogers Police Department will now be trained on how to understand implicit bias and how to avoid it on the job.

Not only will this training focus on targeting bias, but also how to effectively de-escalate potentially dangerous situations.

This comes after the Rogers City Council voted to accept a more than $20,000 national grant for its police department.

Keith Foster with RPD said this will help officers make less rushed decisions in the moment and be more thoughtful about their actions.

With nationwide movements to de-fund or reform police, he said this came at a good time.

“Does it help in the current climate? Yes absolutely,” Foster said. “But again we’re always looking for that edge, that way to be more empathetic with our community, with the people we’re dealing with.”

Foster says the training will not only be for officers, but for detectives as well as administrative and command staff.

It will begin in 2021.