RUDY, Ark. (KNWA/KFTA) — Voters will decide if the city of Rudy should expand its boundaries in an effort to increase tax revenue.

“I actually heard about it first thing this morning. A customer of mine was telling me about it. And, you know, I think it’s actually a good idea,” said Rob Housholder, the manager of a Dollar General currently outside Rudy city limits.

He says he’s seen customers from Rudy and other towns come to the store.

“I have a lot of customers coming in and saying that it’s so convenient that they would live within just a few miles from the store,” said Householder.

Customers who buy from the store currently pay sales tax to Crawford County. That’s why the city of Rudy proposes an expansion of its city limits past Dollar General. Currently, the limits stop just across the railroad tracks before the store.

“Taken out all property taxes. We don’t do any city property tax. We rely solely on sales tax,” said James Jones, mayor of Rudy.

He says tax currently comes from the few local businesses in town. That’s why he feels that adding Dollar General could make a difference.

“Rudy is a small town and a huge community. It actually benefits the town of Rudy or the other community for it to be there,” said Jones.

Jones says the increased sales tax will also go into the town to prepare for future growth.

“We would like to go ahead and bring it in and have that sales tax revenue for future growth,” said Jones.

As for Householder, he says he’s ready to see some growth in the area.

“I say it’s a really good idea and just bring it on,” said Householder.

Annexing the land is on the ballot now with the special elections November 14.