The dictionary defines “positive” as hopeful or optimistic. Fulbright Junior High Special Education teacher Debbie Ethridge says Officer Josh Carlson embodies just that. 
“When the ‘Salute the Badge’ email came in my inbox and a read through it. Just immediately thought of him, because he is that positive influence,” said Ethridge. “You’ll see him go out of his way to give them that encouraging word, even if it is just a ‘hi.'”
More than a kind word, Carlson teaches gang resistance and education programs, helping students set goals and pick a supportive friend group.
“He listens, he listens to the students to get to know them he knows so many of them by name. and he knows about their families,” said Ethridge. 
As many of the students get ready to leave junior high and head to one of the high schools, Officer Carlson stays up to date on their lives. 
“I just see him treat students with such respect on a daily basis. We have some students with challenging behaviors. We have students with special needs, and I watch him treat them with respect and compassion,” said Ethridge. “Just letting them know,  ‘Hey,  I know you’re going through tough stuff and I’m here’ and just the mentoring that you see him do, in that way.” 
It’s not just the students that Officer Carlson gets to know, he also puts an effort into getting to know the staff as well. It’s that spirit that gives us reason to honor Officer Josh Carlson from Fulbright Junior High. 
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