It’s just another day in the life for Hackett Police Chief Darrell Spells, getting to know the kids at the local school in Hackett. Hackett High School Principal Michael Freeman takes note of the time Chief Spells spends at the school.

“He’s a big, strong tough guy, but just amazing how big of a heart he has for people and how much he cares about kids,” said Principal Freeman. “Chief Spells does just about everything you can think of.”

That time spent at the school and in the area is something folks in the area are very thankful for.

“He goes above and beyond in all situations. He really has just a desire to help kids, helps the community and do things that are going to be beneficial to everyone,” said Principal Freeman.

Principal Freeman says the ones who see the biggest impact are the students. Just by seeing the chief at school, there’s a sense of ease among the school.

“He’s in the school in the mornings, out with the elementary students, helps ’em come into school and welcomes ’em and greets them and comes to football games. Just all kinds of activities our school is involved in and making his presence felt making sure everyone feels safe and comfortable,” said Principal Freeman.

His bravery and service to the Hackett community are just a few reasons we honor Hackett Police Chief Darrell Spells.

“Everybody in our community benefits from having Chief Spells. We’re all very thankful to have him,” said Principal Freeman.

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