With temperatures in the single digits, it’s dangerously cold for anyone but could be deadly for people without a home.

Emergency shelters in our area are making sure the homeless aren’t left out in the cold. 

The Bentonville Salvation Army Emergency Shelter has seen an increase in the need as frigid temperatures continued to drop over the past few days.

The Bentonville shelter can only hold 25 people right now.

The shelter became so full they were forced to turn people away.

But the “warming center” is open all day for anyone to escape the cold.

The center provides snacks, coffee, and a television. 

Today the Bentonville shelter even served a hot meal for lunch in addition to dinner something they don’t normally do unless the temperatures are this severe. 

“I stepped outside for a few minutes and I was ready to come back in myself,” Shelter Director from the Bentonville Salvation Army Danny Camarillo said. “It’s unbearable and dangerous and it’s important to have this type of shelter for anyone that might need it.”

The shelter provides more than just a roof over people’s heads — it also offers donated food, clothes, and prescriptions. 

Northwest Arkansas has two Salvation Army Emergency Shelters – one in Bentonville and one in Fayetteville. 

They are open all year long.