The hunt continues for the man who lost his way on a popular Northwest Arkansas hiking trail. Over 5,000 people are expected to be at devil’s den state park for the holiday weekend. Even though the search is scaled back, park officials and outdoor enthusiasts are doing what they can to find the man lost in the wilderness.

Hikers from all across the country are on the trail where 33 year old Rodney Letterman was last seen. 

“I’m suspicious but I don’t know much and it just seems hard to believe that somebody could have just disappeared like that,” said Leighton Clark, who lives in Fort Worth, Texas.

State Park officials are handing out flyers to every person on Butterfield Trail. 

From Texas to Missouri, hikers are coming from all across the country. Park officials are informing everyone of their ongoing search.

 “They gave us a sheet of paper and said this man had been missing for a week to keep our eyes out for him. He’s not in any danger as far as they know but that if we do see him approach him and say hey people are looking for you it’s important that you contact someone now,” said Brandon Roellig, who lives in Springfield, Missouri.

One couple came from Fort Worth, Texas to spend their holiday weekend in Northwest Arkansas. They said they were on their toes after hearing about the missing person. 

“I think we both probably looked a little bit and you know, didn’t see anything. I didn’t really want to see something in a way. Seeing a dead body isn’t something most of us look forward to.” Clark said. 

The out of towners said what they’ve heard about the case is concerning. 

“Considering they’ve been searching for so long, that they went out with dogs and horses, to not find somebody who presumably was close to the trail when he was left just seems really bizarre and makes you wonder what might’ve really happened.” Clark said. 

Officials just want hikers to keep their eyes and ears open for anything that might lead them to Letterman.

 “I think it’s awesome that they had a couple hundred flyers printed out and they are handing this out because the more people that are looking the more people that are going to find him.” Roellig said. 

The park superintendent said there were about 30 people registered on the Butterfield Trail Saturday.

No hikers have come across any clues leading to Letterman’s disappearance.