Senate Republicans to Vote on Trump’s Border Wall Proposal


Senate Republicans say they plan to vote on a proposal, backed by President Donald Trump, to reopen the government and fund the border wall.

However, House Democrats say the deal is a nonstarter for them. 

Jacque Simon with the American Federation of Government workers said as the shutdown drags on federal employees nationwide are struggling.

And as if that wasn’t bad enough, Virginia’s attorney general says furloughed workers are now a target for scammers.

Experts are warning furloughed workers to be wary of high interest loans that may leave them deeper in debt.

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi is once again calling on President Trump to reopen the government now and then debate border security in February. 

But White House aides said until Congress acts, the shutdown will go on.

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell said the Senate will vote on Thursday to give the president what he wants.  

The legislation will fund the border wall, reopen the government and provide some illegal immigrants temporary protection from deportation.

Democrats say the president’s bill is not a compromise, and they’ve convinced the majority leader to also allow a vote on a Democratic bill that would reopen the goverment and restart negotiations between the White hHouse and Democratic lawmakers.

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