Walmart shareholders week has taken over here in northwest Arkansas.
While many Walmart staffers are in good spirits, attending concerts and events around the area, others are speaking out against the world’s largest retailer… and taking action.
Some former and current Walmart workers and customers participated in a round table discussion Wednesday night– they’re sharing what they call “horror stories” of Walmart.
It’s called, “Making Change at Walmart,” and its a national campaign to help workers and community members tell their personal experiences with the world’s largest retailer.
“It’s so funny that we are from different states, but we all have the same complaints,” said Lorene Berry, a Walmart worker based out of Chicago.
Lorene Berry spoke up Wednesday night at the panel discussion, hoping to spark change at Walmart.
The campaign’s goal is to make the retail giant a more responsible employer. 
“I was wrongfully terminated January 27th of this year, I was told that I had scanned multiple coupons per one transaction, and I had done an override without manager consent,” said Berry.
She says Walmart policy states there is no limit to the number of coupons you can use on a single transaction, and she believes that’s why she was rehired one month after being let go.
“What’s interesting is, if you’re going to fire someone you basically said they have no value to you, so what’s to say when you turn around and rehire them, that firing a worker becomes part of the policy and the way you do business to keep costs down,” said Randy Parraz, the Campaign Director of “Making Change at Walmart”.
We reached out to Walmart about the panel discussion.
In a statement, the company says quote…
To help our associates succeed and better serve our customers, Walmart is making big changes – we’re investing $2.7 billion in higher wages, education, and training to make Walmart an even better place to work and shop.  We are seeing this investment begin to pay off and we are looking forward to what our associates will accomplish next for our customers. We are excited to celebrate more than 5,700 associates who are in town this week from all of the world. They represent what makes Walmart special. We are looking forward to the rest of this special week for our associates and our company.”
“They are a multi-billion, trillion dollar company, that makes money, we shouldn’t have to struggle,” said Berry.
Organizers of tonights discussion say it’s another step in the process of holding Walmart accountable for unjust firings and under payment of workers.