Walmart Shareholders got a sneak peek into the future of Walmart stores on Thursday, June 6.

The shareholder’s annual media tour gave them a look at what a connected store looks like that is loaded with different technology.

Future Walmart locations could see things like electronic shelf labels, check-in kiosks to self-driving vehicles for grocery pickup. 

Walmart Spokesperson Ragan Dickens said it’s about getting the customer what they need — efficiently. 

“It’s time-saving, it’s new technology, it’s really about getting the customer in, getting them to a point of service, getting them their prescription and having them on their way.”

Right now, northwest Arkansas is the only place with connected stores.   

Also, associates toured Sam’s Club in Springdale as part of the shareholder’s event.

The Sam’s Club team showed the tourists new technology and unique store features. Store Manager William Mertig said what this experience means to his team.

“Shareholders is always so much fun, it’s one of those times of the year that is almost like Christmas.
It’s Christmas in June. It’s exciting and there’s so much energy, you just feel the passion coming from the associates coming in from all over the world. it’s truly a great time of the year, said Mertig.

Mertig is also excited to talk about all the cutting edge technology that the company is rolling out with to all the visiting associates this week.