An apple a day may keep the doctor away but you might need more nutrients for whole body health.  Start your day with an all-in-one SmartyPants Vitamin Gummy that saves you time, money and hassle with just one bottle instead of many.  Now, what are the benefits of SmartyPants Vitamins?  Take a listen.  At SmartyPants, we wanted to create a multi-vitamin that is multi-functional to make it easier for people to get the nutrients they need every day without sacrificing quality.  Our all-in-one gummies deliver real value because one bottle does the work of multiple products and allows us to use “better for you” ingredients without sacrificing a taste that makes remembering to get your daily vitamins a breeze.  And because we know everyone deserves good health, for every bottle sold, we make a matching 1- for-1 nutrient grant to a child or expectant mother in need through our partnership with Vitamin Angels.  We’re honored to be on the shelves of Walmart, helping so many people get affordable, easier and simpler path to health and we work hard everyday to earn the trust our customers have put in us.  Now SmartyPants Vitamins comes in a variety of options from Women’s Complete, Kid’s Complete, Kid’s Complete with Fiber, Prenatal and even options for men.  That’s right.  Look no further than your local Walmart store for a full selection of products.

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