Bentonville businesses said they made sure to prepare for the rush of shareholders they were going to get this week.

Manager of Onyx Coffee Lab in Bentonville, Megan Steed said business increases by about 30% when shareholders are in town — and because of this, they order more inventory and have more staff available.

She said everyday customers worried it would take longer to get their orders, but that hasn’t been too much of a problem this time around.

“We’ve been getting people through so quickly,” Steed said. “They really haven’t had to wait. And we’ve been able to see our regulars come and go really easily this year.”

Steed said along with the increased business, it’s interesting to hear stories from people all over the world. Alan Dranow, senior director of Walmart Heritage Group said it’s a good way to show off the area.

“It’s sort of a way to share northwest Arkansas with the rest of the world,” Dranow said. “They come in and they love it, and a lot of them come back.”