BENTONVILLE, Ark. (KNWA/KFTA) — A Siloam Springs woman pleads guilty to permitting child abuse on Dec. 13, according to Benton County prosecutor Nathan Smith.

Brianna Setser was arrested on May 24, 2021, for permitting abuse of a child and third-degree endangering the welfare of a minor.

Sester was arrested along with Rolando Obispo Jr., 23, who was charged with first-degree domestic battery and second-degree domestic battery.

Brianna Setser
Brianna Setser

According to a probable cause affidavit, Obispo told Sester that while he was taking care of Sester’s three-year-old child, he picked up the child by the hair and threw them to the ground, landing on the left side of the head after the child fought back during a diaper change. Obispo then picked up the child by the ears and threw him onto the bed and open-hand slapped him because he wouldn’t stop crying.

A licensed clinical social worker told police that the child had a parietal skull fracture on the left side along with soft tissue swelling.

Smith says Sester’s sentencing is in February.